UrbanFarmer was founded in 2016 after years of research and study in aquaponics and hydroponics.
The idea is to emerge as a leading equipment supplier and a knowledge provider in new age farming techniques.
The overall business is divided into 2 segments B2B & B2C.
The target groups for B2B are businesses venturing into new age farming, conventional dairy farms and existing greenhouses.
The key nuances for each business segment is as follows -
  • B2B - The Farm & Greenhouse business’s USP is the quality of products (currently India’s only food grade-fibre based NFT, Dutch Bucket & Tower manufacturer) and the consulting or knowledge that can be imparted.
  • The B2C is a high marketing, brand oriented and lifestyle business where the sales channels are e-commerce and on site camps in schools and residential complexes.
  • The B2B Fodder Machine segment is pivot point between these two segments which caters to dairy, goat and poultry farms. We provide project and product based fodder solutions across the globe.